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2 August 2018

135 days in and the Pembroke Middle School Redevelopment is rising fast from the ground with key design elements starting to take shape.


The triangular footprint of the building is now visible with first level floorplate currently being tensioned and poured, whilst the three level in-situ off form concrete heart of the building, affectionately known as ‘the shard’, continues to set the pace for the program.


Tonnes of steel reinforcement, bent and kinked at all angles are being masterfully laid out and then encased in a sea of plywood and formwork. Each layer of concrete is then poured and allowed to set for 28 days. Much like baking a cake,

the anticipation and anxiety have been almost too much to bear, but the first layer of formwork was removed over the weekend to reveal a beautifully sharp and consistent result. Credit to the Sarah Construction team and their skilled subcontractors for a great result!


The next major milestone on site will be mid-October, when we anticipate all concrete slabs being poured and the erection of steel work to commence. The benefits of modelling in Revit and utilisation of clash detection technology, along with great workflow processes are enabling the team to catch discrepancies with the structure and services before they become a problem.


The project is due for completion in May 2019 to be ready for the start of Term 3.

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