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Client: Department of Infrastructure & Transport

Location: Goodwood, SA

Country: Kaurna

Budget: $15M

Completion: 2016



Paul Gillett

Grieve Gillett Architects joined a contractor lead Design and Construct (D+C) civil engineering team to design a shared path grade separated rail crossing in inner suburban Adelaide.

The DPTI selected shared path crossing point coincided with a suburban heavy rail passenger line, a heavy rail national freight line (ARTC), an elevated suburban light rail (tram) and a major subterranean stormwater drain. Perimeter conditions further complicated the bridge abutments and grade separated access with inadequate layoff for stair access, ramp access and lift positioning to access island station access.

GGA initially determined travel desire lines and equity of access ramp gradients to rationalise and simplify bridge and crossing approaches. GGA then worked with structural and bridge engineers to address bridge spans and abutments. Walk through bridge truss design reduced rise heights minimising abutment approach lengths and providing structural support for weather enclosure and shelter. Profiled abutment barriers protected bridge supporting members ensuring collision safety and bridge code compliance. Roof gutter detailing allowed safe gutter maintenance and cleaning from within the bridge truss avoiding necessity for roof access thereby mitigating safety in design issues and simplifying longer term design performance.

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