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Client: Private

Location: Adelaide, SA

Completion: 2020


Dimitty Andersen

Kimberley Harbison

Ben Van Loggem

Garth Davos

Dino Vrynios

Marguerite House combines a series of alterations and additions to an existing 1880’s Stone Villa in St Peters, South Australia. The design interventions include a new outdoor entertaining area, garage, swimming pool and interior additions. 

The design philosophy was to merge the various outdoor elements using modest forms whilst highlighting the various layers of external program. Sedentary in nature, the white brickwork is used as an element in space, landing on the stone pavers and floating over the outdoor dining area to creating an external bar.  

The Garage provides rear lane access to the home, as well as bookending the swimming pool and outdoor shower. The location and orientation of the external elements provides afternoon protection from summer sun, as well as opportunities for informal seating and additional dining areas. The white massing elements have been designed to create a gentle contrast against the dark steelwork, allowing soft shadows from the canopies above to wash over the masonry forms. 

The contemporary use of the white linear brick acknowledges its modernist origins, creating an inviting and private courtyard. The use of honest and robust materials in Marguerite house creates a connection to a personal courtyard retreat. 

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