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Client: Electranet

Location: South Australia

Country: Kaurna

Budget: $4.4M

Completion: 2019



Paul Gillett

Kym Barwell

ElectraNet operates the high voltage electricity transmission infrastructure in South Australia. Network wide independent risk assessment and severe weather events highlighted current system deficiencies and identified the need for upgrading of the emergency back up control capability. Review of the existing centre at Black Hill, east of Adelaide identified remote and difficult access together with aging infrastructure, necessitating a new centre closer to the central office and regular control centre.

Grieve Gillett Architects was appointed to design and deliver the new back up control centre following a competitive tender process. The 500m2 two storey building contains main backup control room, control room support centre, conference room, kitchen and breakout area, lift, staff access toilets, server room, MSB, FIP, backup supply and onsite backup generators. The building shell is designed as an in-situ concrete shell, for protection, durability and to minimise operational interference. Concrete reinforcing is earth bonded to form a Faraday Cage around the control centre protecting housed equipment and mitigating electrical interference.


The concrete shell is protected and insulated by profiled metal cladding provides excellent building envelope performance, optimises occupant comfort and manages mechanical operational costs. The new centre maximises operational functionality, durability and longevity within an elegant enclosure ambiguous in its function but expressive in its form.

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