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Client: University of South Australia

Location: Adelaide, SA

Budget: $25 million

Completion: 2005



Paul Gillett

Steve Grieve

Nicolette Di Lernia

The Health Sciences Building at the University of South Australia provides state-of-the-art facilities for health sciences training. Its architecture represents the vision of the University as a progressive, technology driven institution.


The building accommodates teaching and research laboratories, a ‘model pharmacy’, a 400 seat lecture theatre and ancillary laboratory facilities. The building incorporates red brick elements found within the surrounding context, but also presents a aluminium framed glass wall to the street, reflecting the purpose of the building - a high-tech teaching and research facility. The glazed façade also enlivens the streetscape, allowing views into the building and exhibiting the activities undertaken inside.


A plaza has also been developed at mid-level, linking the currently disparate levels of the Campus and providing a central student meeting space. The plaza acts as the orientation and activity hub of the Campus and provide much-needed space for the activities of student life at university.

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