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Amanda Rebbeck

Associate - Architecture

Amanda is a Project Architect with over 20 years’ experience delivering a broad
range of projects. Her extensive portfolio spans the heritage, education, civic and commercial sectors, with projects ranging in size and complexity. Amanda is hard working, approachable, collaborative, and passionate about design.

Combining a love for detail, interior spaces and adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, Amanda can think outside the box and provide striking design solutions to complex projects. She is highly experienced in working closely with clients, consultants, and key stakeholders, and can thoroughly understand the client’s functional objectives to deliver high quality outcomes. She enjoys fostering strong client relationships and is committed to contributing to a positive team environment that brings out everyone’s strengths.

Amanda’s motivation lies in how people use spaces, creating functional, interesting and enjoyable places to be in. It’s this perspective that helps her achieve a holistic approach to design, through the integration of architecture and interiors. She relishes the opportunity to revive older buildings, tell their story and bring them back to the public.





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