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Alex Gurner

Interior Designer


Alex is an emerging interior designer with experience in commercial, residential and education interiors. He has worked on designing and modelling building envelopes and interiors for several years using a range of 3D computer modelling packages. Alex has been responsible for documentation of a broad range of small to medium projects. 

Alex has developed and refined his design and documentation skills to suit Development Approval, Contract Tendering and For Construction requirements with considered provision of documentation and providing sufficient information to achieve value for money outcomes without superfluous detail.

Alex understands service workplace environments and the durability requirements arising from frequent and regular robust handling. Alex’s interest in materials, interior colours and functional lighting delivers interiors that are well lit, comfortable, easily maintained and durable with longevity of performance.

Given his responsive nature, Alex quickly establishes and maintains integrated and productive working relationship with clients, consultants and contractors.



Loreto College Staff Facilities

ElectraNet Backup Control Centre
ElectraNet Rymill Building Reception Interiors
Coke Street Residence
Richardson Residence
Glenelg Apartments
Ennio Packaging
Marks Residence
Wickham Residence




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